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Back to school: teen pack

I know you’re saying, HOLD UP, it’s not Back to school time yet, it’s only the beginning of August. Ve haklı olurdun. But you would also be wrong. Have you been in the mall lately? Summer clearances galore, and Back to school merchandise are making the annual creep… and it gets me SO excited! No, I’m not ecstatic for kids going back to school – I couldn’t care less – I’m ecstatic for the Back to school merchandise.

This is something you probably don’t know about me, but annually without fail, I buy a Back to school appeal pack from the drugstore.  I’m not even the intended customer for these packs, but I can’t be the only non-teen-aged person to get these packs for themselves, right?  I’m uh, picking this up for my sister / cousin / pal (me).

This is the “Teen Pack” this year from buyers drug Mart:

1. GUM Ora-Clean toothbrush
2. GUM Flossers 40ct
3. Dial Vitamin improve body wash 473ml
4. Got2B Mind Blowing styling Spray 177ml

5. Purell hand sanitizer in Coconut beach Siesta 30ml (there was also a watermelon scent and a vanilla one)
6. Dove bar soap 2x90g in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent
7. basic Cleansing Facial Wipes 7 wipes

8. Playtex sport combo 4ct
9. Life brand comfort Grip Razors 10ct
10. GOSH nail Colour in 608 dusty rose (the other options were a pale nude creme called Highschool Flirt and a shimmery purple shade called Gasoline)
11. yes to Blueberry Eye Firming treatment 3ml

They also had a male teen version with manly man stuff, as well as a younger girl version (assuming for pre-teen based on the products inside). The cost is $9.99 with over $42 of product!  I don’t subscribe to any appeal boxes, so I mean this is my version of a appeal box.  I’m a lot of ecstatic to try the basic Facial Wipes, yes to Blueberries eye treatment, and of course, the GOSH nail polish!

Have you tried any of the items in this pack? Do they sell Back to school appeal packs where you live?  Have you ever gotten one?

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