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Fresh Friday: hungry for Color? This Indie makeup Line names Palettes After Tasty Treats!

looks great sufficient to eat! (But don’t.)

MBB’s “Fresh Friday” series takes a look at new beauty brands (and venerable O.G. brands that are new to me). Yeni makyaj bulalım!

OK, so I like to believe that I’m NOT ruled by my stomach, buuuut the truth that the eyeshadow combination I rocked yesterday is called Berries & cream may or may not have something to do with why I like using it. ?

Berries & cream is from Dominique Cosmetics, a new-to-me indie makeup line by YouTuber Christen Dominique. Christen has just over four million subscribers, so she’s kinda Web famous (to put it mildly).


Dominique Cosmetics has products spread out among three mini sub-collections, as well as each of the eyeshadow palettes in them are named after something delicious. There’s Berries & Cream, Latte as well as Lemonade).

YUM! A woman after my own food-lovin’ stomach heart.

I used the Berries & cream combination to lunch yesterday with a friend, who asked, “That, on your eyes? Are you using purple or burgundy?”


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

By the way, she asked me this after we’d been speaking for an hour, LOL!

I was like, “Girl, I’m not sure! I was hoping it would distract you from the white hairs sticking up every which way!”

Swatches of the Berries & cream combination eyeshadows as well as matte liquid lipsticks

Wearing Creamy Matte liquid Lip in Plum Berry on my lips as well as the Berries & cream combination on my lids.

I believe the special sauce in Berries & cream is that it has both warm as well as awesome tomes, together with neutrals as well as brights, so the colors pop on the skin, however at the exact same time aren’t totally obnoxious.

I likewise such as this combination since I can get away with skipping primer when I utilize it.


I’ve been doing that lately, as well as it’s been strangely freeing — not just since of the saved step, however likewise since it keeps my eye makeup from looking heavy. The shadows appear less structures as well as fussy, as well as I’ve been into that.

I usually do one of the bolder colors in the palette, like Cherry Juice or the blue shade, Blueberry Muffin (*smacks lips,* I’M SO HUNGRY), or the shimmery Cranberry shade, as a liner. then I’ll mix the matte browns in some kind of combination as well as throw that on my lids as well as crease.

Even without primer, these are simple to blend (no fallout). Plus, the purple/reddish shades don’t irritate my eyes, as well as the shadows lasts all the time with very little creasing as well as fading.

Dominique Cosmetics likewise has liquid lipsticks, too, for $18 each. I’ve tried a couple of them, as well as eh… I like exactly how they look in pics since they’ve got pigment for days, however they feel thick, dry super quickly, as well as they catch on my flakes.

They may work much better for you if your lip circumstance is smooth, which mine is not.

I’m using Creamy Matte liquid Lip in Creamy Pink on my lips.
I do like the Berries & cream Palette, though… It’s $44, which does seem kinda expensive, particularly thinking about that the pans in the combination look big however are truly only 0.04 ounces each. By comparison, the pans in a $54 metropolitan Decay naked combination (a similar formula) are 0.05 ounces.

But even though it’s a bit overpriced, I like the high quality as well as the colors.

If you’d like a better look at Dominique Cosmetics, you can inspect them out at Sephora.


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